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Debra Howell

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Debra Howell

In New Orleans, houses are people, too. It’s this belief that makes Debra one of the most creative and passionate realtors at Rêve. Wherever she goes, whatever house she’s in, Debra sees every unique detail as a part of a home’s personality. As a practicing artist and medical illustrator specializing in litigation graphics for the past 35 years, Debra has developed an uncanny ability to help her clients see the potential in the houses she shows them.

“I came of age within the plaster and lathe walls of an old New Orleans' house, I am passionate about the preservation of our historic properties for the next generation of owners to appreciate and occupy, as these structures will likely outlast us all if they are maintained properly.”

She earned a BA from Bryn Mawr College and an MFA in Printmaking from Tulane University. She also has a Historic House Specialist designation from the Preservation Resource Center (PRC) and is active in local preservation issues.

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