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Jamie Amdal Hughes

Jamie went above and beyond. She helped me through a very stressful process, especially with a new baby and a 2 year old. I needed matter of fact direct guidance and she delivered. Jamie had a strategic plan and executed it perfectly. This was evident in the quick resulting sale. I really couldn't  be more happy with my choice to have her as my agent.

R. Murff

Jamie Amdal Hughes has been a real estate professional since 2004, joining Reve
Realtors in 2018.

She prides herself on offering clients top-notch service and expert
advice, and she’s knowledgeable about a variety of New Orleans neighborhoods. Her
purview includes everything from affordable homes for first time homebuyers to
luxury home sales and investment properties.

With architects, urban planners, and carpenters in her ancestry and immediate
family, Hughes rightfully claims, “A love of architecture and neighborhoods is in
my blood!” As a child, her dollhouse was her playground, and going to open
houses was her idea of fun. Says Hughes, “I love the beautiful variety of styles
and vibrant neighborhoods in New Orleans and feel so fortunate that my job
connects me to my city.”

Prior to becoming a real estate agent, Hughes worked for educational non-profits
and local neighborhood associations -- experiences that reinforced the
importance of community and personal relationships in her work.

Honesty is Hughes’ hallmark, and her clients know that she always has their best
interests at heart. She’s also fluent in French, artistic and has a keen eye. Says
Hughes, “I truly love showing off a beautiful listing, and I love helping people find
their New Orleans dream home.”

Awards & Distinctions:
Preservation Resource Center Historic Home Specialist
Silver Award Winner 2005-2007, 2011
Gold Award Winner 2008-2010, 2012-2014, 2017
Platinum Award Winner 2015-2016

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Office Phone 504.300.0700
Cellphone 504.913.0597
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