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Scott James

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Agent Bio
Scott K. James received his real estate license in 2018 and joined Rêve | Realtors in 2020. With over 30 years as an practicing architect, Scott’s interest are centered in historic and luxury homes and the ability to capitalize and improve on their existing features through small design modifications or extensive renovations. Whether buying or selling, Scott offers his clients an extensive knowledge of the construction
process as well as valuable architectural design expertise.

After earning an undergraduate degree in Urban Planning and a Master’s Degree in Architecture, Scott enjoyed a successful career as a licensed architect in New York City, working for leading international firms that afforded him the opportunity to garner in-depth knowledge of design, construction, and budgeting, while managing international, multi-million dollar projects in the corporate, luxury retail and high-end residential sectors. In Scott’s private residential practice, he acquired hands-on construction experience while designing and renovating private apartments, townhouses, his own Manhattan co-op, and upstate New York weekend home. Over the years, his work was published in House Beautiful and other design trade magazines. In 2012, looking for a change and attracted to all that makes New Orleans special, he relocated and within months, purchased a Garden District townhouse and successfully renovated it. Currently he lives in a historic 1859 Lower Garden District home, which he continues to renovate.

For Scott, getting his real estate license has been the icing on the cake of a life-long career in architecture. In love with New Orleans and all the wonderful neighborhoods it has to offer, he enjoys working with both buyers and sellers and the personal relationships he forms along the way. Committed, professional, and experienced, Scott brings vast know-how to advising his clients and helping them understand how best to approach renovation projects.

Scott’s personal interests includes all aspects of design, cooking, gardening, and adventure traveling. He has lived and worked abroad and has experienced whitewater rafting on the Futaleufú River in Patagonia, trekking though the opium fields of Northern Thailand, interacting with the indigenous gorillas in Rwanda, and attending a royal wedding in Rajasthan. He has two Border Terriers named Bonnie and Clyde and regularly volunteers and participates in the Lower Garden District Association, Ogden Museum and NOCCA Institute.