Housed: A New Orleans Real Estate Bulletin

How to Navigate First-Time Home Buying with Confidence

The partners and agents at Rêve | Realtors are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced real estate agents in the greater New Orleans area. And having worked with so many buyers over the years, they have great advice for how to navigate the first time home buying process with confidence. From getting pre-approved for a mortgage and knowing a neighborhood to bidding strategies and the power of the personal touch, their advice, and the expertise of our professional Rêve agents, will help you take control of the path to home ownership.

Pre-Approval is Key

As a first time homebuyer, you may have heard about the importance of getting pre-qualified or pre-approved for a home loan. But

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Walking into a home and feeling welcome is something we all want to experience – whether it’s stepping into our own home or when inviting guests over. For some, it might involve a beautiful glass front door, a spacious foyer, sunlight that flows in and fills a space with a golden glow, a well-appointed console table, a striking light fixture, or a comfortable chair. Whatever that feeling is for you, take a look at homes with lovely entryways just waiting to say hello.

919 Webster St, New Orleans, LA 70118

1801 Dauphine St, New Orleans, LA 70116

1463 Moss St, New Orleans, LA 70119

5354 Laurel St, New Orleans, LA 70115

241 Bellaire Dr, New Orleans, LA 70124

2370 Annunciation St, New Orleans LA 70130



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A few years back, I helped Jenny and Pat McGuinness get through the thorny process of buying a Mid-Century Modern diva that required a total renovation, and sell their Lakeview cottage that was suddenly too small for their growing family.

The story starts post-Hurricane Katrina, when Jenny was single and rebuilding her home in Lakeview. She’d always adored Mid-Century Modern architecture, but felt obligated to recreate what was there before Katrina. I helped her sell the downtown condo she lived in while rebuilding, and she moved into her new home that was perfectly suited for one. A few years later, she added a husband to the mix, as well as two stepchildren. And on the heels of that, two more children, two dogs, and all the strollers, bikes,

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It’s pretty safe to say that Saints fans are beyond thrilled for football to return to the Superdome! And while we wish we could be there in person, we’re just so happy to be a part of the Who Dat nation, watching our boys and cheering them on from our dens, porches, party rooms and backyards – or wherever our big screen TVs are.

In addition to the amazing spirit and camaraderie that Saints’ football brings to New Orleans – at a time when everyone can really use it -- there’s also a lot to look forward to in this 1st game and this season.

A few highlights we’re currently high-fiving about:

  • Drew Brees, our fearless leader, is taking on Tom Brady in week #1. Talk about a QB rivalry! We’re here for it. Also, with the amazing "Swiss Army
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In July of 2020, Rêve agent Jeri Wheeler helped Konrad Young-Raine find his dream home in Algiers Point.

Why Konrad Chose Jeri Wheeler as His Agent

A respiratory therapist and ventilator specialist, Konrad moved to New Orleans to start a new job in the summer of 2019 and needed an apartment. His manager at work referred him to Rêve agent Jeri Wheeler, who was happy to help -- even though she usually works with buyers. Looking back on it now, Konrad laughs about the fact that that he was nervous to find something quickly and thought he wanted new construction. Instead, Jeri told him, “You don’t move to New Orleans for the ‘burbs” and wouldn’t let him jump on the first thing he saw. Relieved to rely on her knowledge of the area and her steady

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Introducing "Orange Couch Jams" with Dave Pomerleau & Jude Hughes!  You may know Dave from his local funk band, Johnny Sketch and The Dirty Notes, but my son knows and loves him as his guitar teacher since Kindergarten.  Because live gigs at music venues are on hold for now, we decided to create a live stream weekly jam session from our living room!  Celebrate the end of your work week by rocking out with us AND supporting a local cause.  My personal real estate business is sponsoring this week's jam session in support of

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In October of 2018, Rêve agent Erin Hardy helped Kylie Tahana become a first-time homeowner in Broadmoor.

Why Kylie Chose Erin Hardy as Her Agent

Originally from New Zealand and a graduate of a Sacred Heart school, Kylie landed in Louisiana for work and found a built-in sisterhood among a group of women who’d graduated from Sacred Heart in Grand Coteau, LA. Erin Hardy was one of those women, and Kylie immediately liked her and trusted her. Kylie, who was interested in becoming a first-time home buyer, appreciated the fact that Erin was an attorney as well as a real estate agent and the fact that Erin had the patience and took the time to explain the entire home buying process.

What She Was Looking For

A corporate recruiter for an IT

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If you’re a New Orleans’ homeowner who’s getting older, there are many different reasons to consider downsizing. It could be part of an anticipated lifestyle change due to retirement, an empty nest, or a desire to experience a totally new and different part of the city. Or, you may be looking to reduce home maintenance, upkeep, and living expenses. Making a financially smart move by downsizing from a larger home to a smaller one can help you put money aside for other purposes and result in a new, smaller mortgage payment. Whatever your motivations are, if you’re thinking about downsizing, you might want to consider the following issues and discuss them with your significant other and family members.

Start by Paring Down

Starting to pare

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Wondering what kind of updates you need to make before putting your house on the market? What’s most important is fixing what’s broken, loose, discolored, or dirty and making small updates here and there.

In fact, before taking on the expense of an upgrade or renovation, make sure you’ll be able to get the return on your investment. By analyzing comparable properties (also called “comps”) and sales data for your neighborhood, we can determine the best list price for your home in the current market, and you’ll be in a better position to decide if that renovation you’re contemplating is worth the money.

There are certain things I always recommend before putting a house on the market, and others are worth considering based on your individual

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As an interior designer, I'm often asked about bookcases by clients with new homes or recently renovated spaces. More specifically -- everyone wants them, but no one knows what to do with them, or at least, how to style them. 

Unless you have hundreds of volumes of leather-bound books or an endless array of coffee table tomes at your disposal, you’ve got to get creative with how to make your shelves look full, balanced, and curated. Below are some designer tips and examples of styled bookshelves from a few of my clients' projects.  

Balance without Symmetry                                                                                                   

A key factor in curating a look for your bookcases that isn't too staged or expected is

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