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Outdoor space is very important these days. Many homeowners love to entertain out on a deck or patio. Even just sitting outside enjoying the weather can be a selling point for a home.

In New Orleans, there's a unique selling point for outdoor space along parade routes. This comes into play during Mardi Gras every year and offers the owner the ability to watch a parade from their home.

Regardless, staging the outdoor space may help to sell your home faster. Here are a few tips for staging this area of your home.

Use Outdoor Furniture

Adding outdoor furniture to the patio, porch, deck or yard can help with the staging process. Many homeowners use their outdoor area as an extension of the dining area. It can become a very comfortable space

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Smart home features are popular, but are they always worth the money you spend? One of the easiest smart features to add to your New Orleans home is a smart thermostat. Let's take a look at whether it's worth the investment or if you should skip this upgrade.

More Energy-Efficient

Making your New Orleans home more energy-efficient is never a bad thing. The summers are hot in New Orleans and bills for running the AC all day can get very high. Adding a smart thermostat can help to reduce those bills significantly as you don't have to keep your home ice cold when you're not there.

The energy savings alone make this upgrade worth it, but this is not the only benefit. When you install a smart thermostat, you gain many other benefits, but it does

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You may have decided to stick a toe into the pool only to find out you cannot afford much of a single-family home. Even if you have a smaller budget to work with, you can find a great place to live and get rid of that landlord for good.

Living in a condo offers several benefits, especially in a city like New Orleans. Many condos offer access you cannot easily find with a house and you will have the ability to start building equity to use towards your dream home later in life.

Here are some of the top reasons to buy a condo in New Orleans instead of a single-family home.

The Price

Maybe the biggest benefit, especially for those with a smaller budget, is the price. Condos are far cheaper than a single-family home. For the same amount you can

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Plenty of new construction is underway in New Orleans. There are several projects you will see going on all throughout the city and many more on the way. Here's a look at some of the construction projects currently going on in New Orleans.

The Odeon

A new 29-story apartment building will be opening once completed in the South Market District area. It will provide 271 new apartments with a surface parking lot. The tower will cover a total of 414K square feet and it's located at 701 South Rampart Street.

Hard Rock Hotel New Orleans and Residences

Another building standing 18 stories tall will be erected at 1031 Canal Street. This building will include 62 residential units and 350 hotel rooms. The residential units will range from one to three

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First-time homebuyers often forget to factor in all the costs of owning and buying a home. Before you get into the shopping process, it's important to make sure your budget can support the new costs you will be dealing with. Here are some of the forgotten housing costs you may need to factor in before moving forward with your home purchase.


The cost of moving can set your budget into a tailspin if you're not careful. Whether you plan to rent a truck and do it yourself or you plan to hire a moving company, you need to factor in the cost. If you're moving from outside of New Orleans into the city, moving may be more expensive than moving from one New Orleans neighborhood to another.

Make sure you get an estimate early in the process

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When you've made the decision to sell your home in New Orleans, you need to know what you're getting into. It's not as easy as just staking up a sign reading "for sale" and hoping someone will make an offer.

Selling your New Orleans home means you need to have the right agent, the right price, and the right marketing. Here are some of the ways you can speed up the process and get your home sold for the right price.

Choose the Right Agent

Your real estate agent will make a huge difference. A good agent already has excellent marketing in place and knows how to get your home sold for the right price. Not only will they help to ensure your home is priced right from the beginning, but they will also handle all the showings and open houses.

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New Orleans is rather flat but offers incredible sights all throughout. This makes it a great choice for bicyclists as many of the neighborhoods offer high bike scores. There's also a bike-share program and many of the streets have been repaired to welcome bicyclists to the area.

All throughout New Orleans, you will find several social rides and bike clubs to enjoy. The bike lanes have been expanded and there's a big program for riding safety throughout the area. This has all been done to make New Orleans the 19th best city in the country for biking, according to Bicycling.com.

Best Biking Neighborhoods in New Orleans

The entire city is bike-friendly, but a few neighborhoods are at the top of the list. Bywater, Marigny, and Uptown are the

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Selling your home or buying a new one is quite the process. It may be foreign to you, but you need to understand some of the details of the process. Of course, hiring a great real estate agent in New Orleans will go a very long way to helping protect you during the buying or selling process.

When it comes to an "As Is" house, it's not the same as what you may think. We are used to hearing this term with a vehicle and it means you don't get a warranty. However, it doesn't mean the same thing in the real estate world.

What does "As Is" Mean with Homes?

When it comes to a home sale, "As IS" means without warranties. It also means the buyer won't have any right of redhibition, which means they cannot sue for defects uncovered after the sale has

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Young professionals are flocking to New Orleans due to the strong job market and new companies moving in regularly. In addition, the housing market in New Orleans is considered to be healthy, making relocating to the city a good investment. Demand for both condos and single-family homes all throughout the area is high.

If you're a young professional and you're considering moving to New Orleans, it's important to choose the right neighborhood. While any of these neighborhoods will work great for the right person, young professionals tend to look for certain things in a neighborhood including:

  •          Affordability
  •          Family-friendly
  •          Walkability
  •          Public Transportation
  •          Parking
  •          Urban
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