April 2019

Found 2 blog entries for April 2019.

1) Keep your money where it is

Don’t move your money around 6 months before you’re ready to buy a home. Instead, keep it where it is and limit big ticket items. Lenders look at your spending habits when determining what type of loan you’ll get.

2) Get pre-approved for your home loan

There’s a difference between pre-qualified and pre-approved. Make sure you’re pre-approved. That will not only make buying a home a lot easier but will allow you to compete if there are multiple offers on the table.

3) Know your borders

Consider getting a survey done before you buy your home so that you know exactly where your property ends and your neighbor's property begins. This way you can know exactly where to build that amazing wrought iron fence.

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Whenever I drive down Wisner or West End Boulevard all the way to Lake Ponchartrain, I can feel myself start to relax.  It is so peaceful looking out at that open water and passing through the quiet tree lined streets of New Orleans' Lakefront neighborhoods.  In a dense and vibrant historic city like ours, sometimes you want a change of pace and a little more open space for your private home.  Not only are the Lake Terrace, Lake Vista, and Lakeshore neighborhoods attractive, they also fall in the preferred X flood zone where many homes have never flooded!  If you are looking for more square footage, an ovesized lot, a close walk or bike ride to the lake, AND low flood insurance, I encourage you to check out my listing at 1734 Lakeshore Drive, now at

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