January 2020

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The Greek Revival architectural style was considered a symbol of liberty, democracy, stability, and order. It was popular in the United States between 1820 and 1860, and was often the style of choice for buildings such as state capitols and churches in New England. Migrating down south to New Orleans along with Northeastern newcomers, the popularity of the Greek Revival style spread in the city as the first “American” architectural contribution to the Creole cityscape.

Greek Revival architectural elements found among New Orleans homes include Greek-key door surrounds, wide, full-height galleries with classical columns supporting detailed entablatures, often with Greek ornamentation such as dentil molding (small, rectangular blocks resembling

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House of the Month: 5249 Laurel Street

This month's house is extra special, readers. This is the house which sparked my my real estate career. I purchased it in the summer of 2014 as a young lawyer and and renovated it, transforming a one bedroom, one bathroom shotgun into an updated two bedroom, two bathroom cottage by adding a side hall. During the renovation, I became interested in the real estate industry, obtained my realtor license, took a leap of faith, and the rest is history. It is

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We interviewed Rêve Agent Doug Cloninger to talk about the ins and outs of being an off-market acquisition specialist, and what it’s like to work with real estate developers who love New Orleans’ history and architecture as much as he does.

Q: What does an off-market acquisition specialist do, and how did you get into this aspect of real estate?

A: When I was first getting into real estate, I was fortunate enough to meet a handful of real estate developers who became my repeat clients. Their business is all about the numbers – buying and renovating blighted properties, and then selling those properties for a fair profit. They need the best deals possible to make their numbers work. And properties that aren’t on the market can provide a

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Looking to make a smart move in 2020? Then consider buying a home that generates revenue. After all, living in your dream home is so much more attractive and affordable when you can pay down your mortgage with monthly rental income. Whether you prefer to have long-term tenants or offer short-term rentals, being a successful homeowner by taking advantage of rental income is empowering. Owning a home that serves as your primary residence while generating revenue can also provide retirement income once your mortgage is paid off.

Even if you’re not looking for a new home for yourself, investing in a duplex, double, or multi-unit listing and renting those units long-term is a proven strategy for increasing your annual income, and one many savvy property

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