Home Selling Tips

Posted by Clint LaCour on Wednesday, January 9th, 2019 at 9:30am.

1) Pricing It Right

Make sure you consult a professional to price your home. Overpriced homes will sit on the market while properly priced homes will sell fast.

2) Let the Light Shine In

Buyers love natural light. Make sure your windows are clean and blinds and drapes are open to let in as much light as possible.

3) Work with the Right Agent

Make sure you use an agent that understands the market and one that embraces technology. Every market is different, so make sure you work with a local expert.

4) Light It Up

Make sure your home gives a glowing first impression with great lighting! Your lightbulbs should all be the same temperature - i.e. they give off the same color light. Some bulbs run cool and others run warm. Also, check to ensure that all of your lightbulbs are working!

5) Hide Your Furry Friends

If you’re planning an open house make sure that the litter box is clean and the pet food is put away. And, most importantly, send them to a pet-hotel or the vet for the day. This way they are out of sight and won’t get in the way of anyone looking at your home.

6) Don’t Over Upgrade

Keeping up with the maintenance of your home always pay off in the end but it's very easy to get carried away with renovations.  Make sure you talk to your agent about what areas of your home to upgrade before you tackle anything big.

7) Put the Family Photos Away

Let the buyer imagine themselves in the home. Since family photos can be distracting, put them away so the buyer can truly imagine themselves in that space.

8) Bugs Begone

In the New Orleans market termites are a concern. We always recommend placing your home under a termite contract.

9) Keep it Show-ready

Your home needs to always be show-ready. After all, you never know when a potential buyer will want to stop by. We suggest making sure that your dishwasher is always empty and the sink is always free of dishes. Not to mention, no laundry piled up anywhere.

10) First Impressions Matter

The first thing potential buyers see of your home is the outside. Having plants and a well-manicured front yard will really help up the wow-factor. Pressure washing your porch is also a great way to help your house shine.

11) The Smell of Cookies

The smell of freshly baked cookies makes a house not only smell great but feel more like a home. Not to mention, it’s a nice treat to leave for potential buyers.

12) Hide Your Treasured Items

Have a chandelier from a great grandmother you can’t imagine leaving behind? Replace it now with one you can easily let go of before buyers start entering your home. After all, if they don’t see it, they can’t covet it.

13) Make Your House Sparkle

Cleaning your home to show a potential buyer isn’t just important, it’s mandatory. Besides the fact that there is a direct correlation between cleanliness and a healthy mental state, it's a fact that clean homes sell faster. So try making “To Keep” and “To Throw Away” piles. Make sure to also wash your windows to let in even more light. You can get into the groove with some good music and remember- Don't let nostalgia get the best of you!

14)  Keep Your Decor Neutral

Polarizing colors can turn a home buyer off faster than you can say, “I want it”. So, before putting your home on the market, consider a more neutral color.

15) Half-empty Closets

Take out half the things in your closet and make sure it’s organized. Buyers snoop so make sure even your drawers are tidy.



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