A New Orleans neighborhood found to the north of the French Quarter, Treme is a great place to call home. This neighborhood offers plenty of flavor and history with a unique mix of music and art all throughout. Back in the 19th century, Creole musicians performed in Congo Square and played some of the earliest types of jazz music. In addition, some of the oldest Mardi Gras Indian groups started in Treme.

When New Orleans was rather new, Treme was the neighborhood found nearest to the Lake. It was inhabited by those enjoying jazz and dance. Over the years, it has developed into one of the most sought after neighborhoods in the city with plenty to offer those choosing to call it home.

Treme is a designated Historic District offering all types of unique architecture. The music history here is absolutely amazing. The neighborhood became even more popular than it was when HBO aired a series called "Treme".

Real Estate in Treme

Throughout the Treme neighborhood, plenty of unique architecture exists. The homes include townhouses, single and double shotgun homes and Creole cottages. Many have been renovated or remodeled to provide modern convenience with plenty of historic elements. Many of the homes found here include iron gates and colorful elements.

The largest homes found within the area are located on Esplanade Avenue. It's also possible to find the occasional new construction throughout the area. Off street parking is rare in Treme, so homes with off street parking fetch a premium price.

Treme is also home to many charter schools with the Treme Charter School Association providing McDonough 42 Elementary Charter. This school provides quite a bit of pride for the community and one of the top schools in the neighborhood. Homes near the school are in high demand, as well.

Shopping, Dining & Entertainment

While the music in Treme takes the spotlight, shopping and dining are found all throughout the area, too. The neighborhood is so close to many other top New Orleans neighborhoods, which makes it a prime location for homebuyers looking to be close to the action. A number of great restaurants are also found nearby with plenty of excellent cuisine to choose from.

The neighborhood includes Armstrong Park, Jackson Square and plenty of other outdoor places to enjoy. It's a very walkable area and both the Central Business District and French Quarter border the neighborhoods. This makes shopping and dining a premium here with so many great restaurants, local shops and entertainment options.

Mardi Gras is a popular time of year throughout Treme and home to many other great events, as well. It's known for the local bars and restaurants serving up great southern food.

Living in Treme

From unique architecture to incredible music, Treme is filled with plenty of great things to offer homebuyers. It's one of the most popular neighborhoods in New Orleans and for good reason. The close location to other top neighborhoods makes it one of the most sought after places to call home.